Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pulitzer Fiction, What's My Prediction?

I have read almost no fiction published this past year, but I still have to guess. It's too much fun to miss out on. It's Pulitzer Day! Where's my party frock? Where are my book-shaped earrings? What about cake?

Without really knowing what I'm talking about, here are my two predictions (in no particular order:)

Whether one of these books or another up for consideration wins the fiction award, I'm looking forward to the announcement, then adding the winner to my Pulitzer fiction shelf.

The suspense is so gorgeous, with the always-added tension that the fiction committee might decide not to make an award this year, which happens from time to time.

Monday 2 pm CT can't come soon enough!

What's YOUR (probably much more knowledgeable) Pulitzer fiction prediction?


Care said...

So exciting to say that I have read BOTH! That really is crazy. And I am missing classics so today, I will be starting I Capture the Castle. Then maybe a Thomas Hardy.

Susan Bybee said...

I Capture the Castle is a delight. For Hardy, I recommend Jude. There is a nice audio version I found on Youtube.