Thursday, December 10, 2015

Here it comes, here it comes: Here comes my 19th nervous book slump

After I finished Focus, I fell into the abyss of book slumpery and I can't get up. Nothing looks pleasing.

Perhaps a rereading of Holidays on Ice would fix things.  Stay tuned. 


raidergirl3 said...

I'm not sure there is another blogger who so consistently puts a smile on my face when I read their blog.

good luck with the slump!

I'd to with Anne or Bridget if I was in a grumpy slump

Sam Sattler said...

When it happens to me, I sometimes work my way out of it by grabbing a whole stack of books and reading the first few pages from each of see if one of them might provide the spark I need to get reading again. I will admit that it sometimes takes nine or ten books to find that spark, though, so good luck. :-)

Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Poor you! Good luck getting out of the slump!

Care said...

Well!??! Are you slump-broked yet?