Sunday, January 22, 2012

Teri and Susan's So LOL Seollal Reading Adventure

Time goes fast here.  It's Seollal again, which is how the Koreans refer to Chinese New Year.  The country will devote itself to this holiday for 3 days:  Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.   Transportation of all kinds will be nightmarishly crowded.  It's a great time to stay home and turn pages.

 With no conveniently nearby ancestors to worship, no beautiful hanbok to wear and no plump red envelopes coming our way, my mean reading machine friend Teri and I have decided that this is the perfect time for our first joint reading challenge:

So LOL Seollal  

Over the next 3 days, we will periodically count up books and pages read.  We've decided not to skip sleep (although pajamas seem to be emerging as the preferred dress code) and generally aim for having fun.  If  you're in Korea, or just in your pajamas, you're welcome to join us.


Beth said...

Are you highlighting books that make you laugh? I have jury duty tomorrow, which may mean a lot of reading, although probably not in my pajamas.

Becka Barker said...

I'm sorting and packing books. Does that count as reading?