Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Books On The Move

Oh, come on, I know you've got more books than that!

After seven years in Korea, I'm finally going to move from a studio apartment to a one-bedroom apartment.  This highly desired piece of real estate is just across the parking lot in the same complex, so my move won't be the big production it was back in 2009.  Still, it will be somewhat of an undertaking because of the approximately 550-600 books that must move with me.  (It was around 300 in 2009.) Unless I can assemble a team, it's going to be like eating the elephant.

Upon hearing about the move, my son compared me to Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872),  the famous book hoarder, and frankly, a guy after my own heart.  In his lifetime, he amassed thousands of books and manuscripts. Much of the latter was on vellum.  Phillipps moved house only once.  His family's possessions took a couple of days to move.  His library took eight months with a team of strong men working from dawn to dusk.  Is vellum heavy?  Just curious.  Luckily, that's not one of my challenges.

For a hilarious account of Phillipps' obsession, check out this book, which is where I saw the above anecdote.  The chapter devoted to him is titled "Crazy About Books".   Many of Sir Thomas's questionable antics with books have my WTF? light blinking rapidly, but I also sheepishly harbor some admiration for him because he went overboard and with such gusto.

I'm going out to look for some sturdy boxes now.


Beth said...

When I move around in America, I've learned to send my books by post (media mail) because they are cheaper by the pound than having movers transport it. After the tenth box of books, it starts to add up.

Of course, it means the mail deliverer hates you from the moment you pick up your keys...

Good luck with the move!

Care said...

Happy moving!

Kathleen said...

Good luck with your move. Just think, with a bigger apartment you will now have room for more books!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'd offer to help, but you know, there's that pesky ocean in the way.

Unruly Reader said...

Wow, your muscles are going to be well-defined by the time the move is completed. Wish the interwebs could open up a portal so bunches of us could swarm in and carry some books for you.

Congrats on the new place!

C.B. James said...

I'll be looking into the Phillips person you mention. Sounds like a man after my own heart. Beth is right about sending books by post. When I travel, I mail my book purchases home, now that the airlines charge so much for you luggage.

Enjoy your new home.

Susan said...

I'm with CB, I'm looking into this Sir Philip crazy about books guy! lol He sounds interesting.....5oo books you say? how do you manage to get so many while being overseas? nothing stops us bookaholics from getting books! lol

You know I would help you move if I were there (and hadn't just had surgery). I wish you a quick and easy move, that some handsome man swoops down and moves the books for you easy-peasy :-) Imagine the space in your new 1 bedroom apartment!! that's a whole new room to fill with books! :-D