Thursday, December 01, 2011

TBR Try Again

I've got to try this challenge again.  I only made it to January 24 last year, so there's room for improvement.  This time, the challenge will be approached with great seriousness.  (Actually, C.B. said to have fun, but I'll do that, too.)

Part of the problem is that I really don't have a TBR shelf.  All my books are mingled together in sections:  Baseball*, biography, books about books, Canada, Children's lit, fiction, Flashman, graphic novels, L'Amour, Korea, movies, noir, nonfiction, Pulitzer, presidents.

 Even though it might...even though it will make me whimper, I must re-shelve and designate each shelf  'TBR' and 'Already-read'.  With a big visual reminder in my face, perhaps I can stay on track.  Feeling resolute but apprehensive.  Exactly how many books are on my TBR shelf?  Time to find out.  Stay tuned.

*Mostly baseball, with a couple of books about soccer


Jeane said...

I am trying again, too. I only made it a month or so last year before caving in and reading all the pregnancy books waiting for me at the library! This year no such distractions.

Tami said...

Good luck! I should probably try this, too, and thin out the stacks.

Sam Sattler said...

Does it count if you load up on library books prior to the start date. That's the only way I would last very long - by trying to pick up everything that's been on my radar and just stacking them all up with the 300 or so other books already in my TBR stack. I never seem to make any headway on that stack, BTW...,more than a few of the books have been in the stack since the mid-eighties.

Care said...

good luck! You can do it! Just pile them first into DONE READ and TO READ piles, separate by a wall if you have to. Or... box up the DONE READS and then only concentrate on the books you SEE and then any books you buy, just throw them under the bed.

Is this the issue? I could be wrong about everything.

Bybee said...

Yeah, those pregnancy books...good luck this year!

It really is a good exercise in self-control. My execution is a little weak, though.

The way I understand it, anything goes if it appears on your TBR prior to the start date.

I've got everything but the Pulitzer pile separated out onto a 'done' bookshelf and a 'TBR' shelf...shelves. The TBR pile seems to be much bigger. Must get an exact count. These are physical books. I haven't even addressed the books on either of the e-readers!

Care said...

I've been noticing your comments to the Pulitzer group on goodreads and I had to tell you that I read 3 this year without even trying. I really should create a shelf and see how many I've read overall.