Saturday, October 22, 2011

Readathon: Hour 1

What I'm wearing:  Blue jeans, St. Louis Cardinals hoodie

What I'm reading:  An unpublished thesis about expatriate women and Facebook -- I have dozens of questions for the author and have started a wish list of some of the works she has cited.

Pages read this hour:  30

Food eaten:  An onion bagel with cheese

I tried to rest a lot today and not read or use the computer to save my eyes (although I got so bored I watched part of a movie, The Conspirator).  I'm hoping this precaution will pay off in the middle and late hours of the Readathon.

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Kate@Midnight Book Girl said...

Good luck! My Readathon started in at 8am here, so I imagine it's tougher to already be up and going about your day before starting, that would drive me crazy, I barely slept last night I was so anxious to start. :)