Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Road To The Readathon

About 15 minutes till the trouble begins -- so far, I've had a couple of setbacks, but they've been minor.

Yesterday, I went back to my library to pick up The Complete Novels of Dashiell Hammett and Clear Pictures, a memoir by Reynolds Price. When I got to the self-checkout machine, she turned against me in my time of need. Apparently, She Means Business about the 10-book limit.

Since the Readathon begins at the end of the day here instead of the beginning, I have to make sure that the day before consists of plenty of rest, so I stayed up till dawn reading Sea of Poppies and watching The Trouble With Angels, then slept most of today. I regret that I didn't get out to get Brie or Asian pear, though.

After I woke up in the late afternoon, I watched more TV and played online Scrabble. I caught most of The Crucible and then saw that Twilight had just started on another channel. While doing this, I started the hardboiled eggs. Unfortunately, I got interested in all of these activities and didn't monitor the boiling/cooling time on my eggs, so they're a little mangled but still edible.

I've never seen or read Twilight before. I'm following Alex's reading of the book on youtube, and I thought he was just being delightfully snippy, but no. It's not my thing at all. The vampires have just played baseball during a thunderstorm and had an encounter with...other vampires? Evil dark forces?...but never mind. I'm done. Goodbye, Twilight, hello Readathon!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck reading! Yeah, baseball is a thing with the Cullens (Twilight). I'm off to read. Have fun!