Saturday, April 10, 2010

Readathon: Hour One

Pages read: 98
Snacks: The most mangled of my hardboiled eggs with a little salt and pepper; a glass of water
Blogs visited: 0

I started out the Readathon with St. Mawr, a short novel by D.H. Lawrence. Everyone's battling everybody: Men vs. Women, Humans vs. Animals, True Englishmen vs. Colonialists, Upper class vs. working's a little exhausting. Lawrence is hitting the reader over the head again and again with his ideas and he's doing my pet peeve for him: he's made yet another character an artist. Luckily, this character, Rico, isn't really very good so when Lawrence comes off a little diffident, it works out OK.

I think that Lewis, the groom who has been with St. Mawr since he was a newly born colt and understands him completely, is the Lawrence character because he's Welsh, has cool appraising gray eyes and a tangle of black beard. He is praised by Mrs. Witt as being "a real man." There's another groom named Geronimo Trujillo (nicknamed Phoenix) who is half-Spanish, half-Navajo and shell-shocked from the recent Great War. So far, he sticks out in the novel like a sore thumb. It will be interesting to see what Lawrence does with him.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! And she's off! It looks like I won't be readathoning, at least not until tomorrow, but maybe not then depending on how tonight goes. Having a little debauchery in Korea. As you've said, I am of an age. :)

Kris said...

YAY for reading! Have a great day! *shakes pom poms*

Kathleen said...

Enjoy the book! Rah Rah!