Thursday, January 03, 2008

Canadian Book Challenge UPDATE

Great news! I've found another book in my TBR that I can add to the list for this challenge!

Last spring, when my Canadian co-worker Baldy was moving house, he gave me several books. One was Scoundrels And Scallywags: Characters From Alberta's Past. The author is Brian Brennan. Don't you just love that name? I had the vague thought that Mr. Bybee might like to read it, then forgot all about it until last night.

This is great, eh? I get to add another province to my list. Also, it's a non-fiction book. I couldn't resist -- I've already started reading it!


Bookfool said...

Oh, a surprise find! Very cool. Someday, I'm going to do this challenge. I've got tons of books by Canadian authors lying about. That's because I have tons of *everything* lying about, but . . . you know. Not the point, really. LOL

Lisa said...

Bybee: Got your comment on my blog. Thought you might like to read the review I wrote way back when on Special Topics on Calamity Physics. Here's the link: