Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Canadian Book Challenge, Eh?

"Blame Canada! Blame Canada!"
I woke up today with this earworm, so I knew it was time to get busy and post my reading picks for The Canadian Book Challenge.

Because I haven't been entirely successful with challenges, I decided to keep my aspirations for this one modest. Yes, I really want to read a book from every province and every territory, but I also want to succeed. Therefore, the way I've decided to tackle this challenge is to read every Canadian book I have on my TBR shelf:

1. All Families Are Psychotic - Douglas Coupland (British Columbia) FINISHED

2. A Complicated Kindness - Miriam Toews (Manitoba) FINISHED

3. Fifth Business - Robertson Davies (Ontario)

4. Murther And Walking Spirits - Robertson Davies (Ontario)

5. Dressing Up For The Carnival - Carol Shields (Manitoba)

6. Fall On Your Knees - Anne-Marie MacDonald (Nova Scotia) FINISHED

I'd really like to read another Anne book and thus include Prince Edward Island, but for now, that's wishful thinking. If I get to it, that's gravy. Uummm....gravy....Poutine...time for a trip to New York Fries!

If my enthusiasm starts to wane, I've got a secret weapon: I'll just call on CanadaBoy to sing a few rousing choruses of "The Hockey Song". Or maybe he can take me curling!


lazy cow said...

The Carol Shields is wonderful (I think I've already told you that!) and I'd like to read the Toews book too.
Happy New Year! I've loved reading your blog.

Dewey said...

Fall on Your Knees is so good! If I had remembered Coupland was Canadian, I would have joined this challenge, since I have several of his books on TBR Mountain. But now I'm so overchallenged there's just no way. Hope you enjoy all these books!

Yikes, your little spamblocker characters say UKILL.

darkorpheus said...

I read "Fall On Your Knees" about 6 years ago while on a road trip. It was lush, so poignant that I couldn't forget it. I had to read everything Ann-Marie MacDonald wrote after that. And she has not disappointed me.

And there's 2 Robertson Davies on your list? Very good choices. :)

Has the whole world read A Complicated Kindness? One day, I shall attempt it.