Monday, July 14, 2008


I promised Susan I would do this meme, but it's harder than I thought. Hard to be fluffy...hmmm. She also has a movie list that looks yummy. It's really cool and a little scary how much we overlap regarding tastes in literature and cinema. She even has a snobbish inner bookworm who tortures her on a regular basis, and of course there's that lovely, lovely given name.

Okay -- I finally pulled 5 fluffy things out of my brain. Better that than the belly button, right?

1. I like really high-thread-count sheets. The Koreans don't know what they're missing. Their sheets feel like 50 thread count -- I was nearly scraped raw after a single night on them. I'm not joking; even my son complained about how rough they are. I have 3 sets of 400 thread count sheets over here. Speaking of the bed, I have 6 pillows of all shapes and sizes.

2. In years past, I didn't give a damn if my toenails were painted or not, but since coming to Korea, I really like it now. Mitzi gets the credit for this change of heart. Going way above and beyond the call of friendship duties, she's been instrumental in finding polish that matches my skin tone, and she's even applied it to my toes TWICE this year! Not only that, she attaches nail art that is simultaneously tasteful and bling. I haven't yet confessed to her that I once used Wite-Out with fairly good results. (Mitzi, I'm not a complete philistine; I was just trying to be cheap and innovative! Honest!)

3. I'm a slave to my roots! I would like to grow my hair out to its natural color, but I'm not exactly sure what percentage of that will be gray, since I haven't seen my real hair color since the early oh-ohs! Koreans are even more obsessed that we are about appearance, and I feel like I'll get an incredible amount of shit and get called Halmoni (Grandmother) at every turn.

4. I try to keep some form of chocolate in Dorm Sweet Dorm at all times. Right now, things are a little desperate; I'm down to a quarter-can of Swiss Miss.

5. I never met a cheese I didn't like. I'm thinking Wisconsin when I decide to repatriate.


Tara said...

I hate scratchy sheets! I bought a set once that was terrible. I laid down and after 5 minutes made my husband get up so I could take the sheets off. I am always complaining about the sheets at hotels. And at my inlaws. EEk!

Bybee said...

I could send you a Korean set if you ever have houseguests that you don't want to visit again!

Tara said...

He-he - sounds good!

Literary Feline said...

I never really have considered the thread count of sheets. I like the feel of certain ones more than others, that's about all I know. LOL

Susan said...

I hate scratchy sheets too! And now you'll have to do the movie meme so I can see exactly how alike we are!!! it is kind of eerie, especially as I have to colour my hair now because it's so gray that almost no natural colour remains, and I refuse to look as old as my mother just yet! I'm only 45! Not ancient! But *whew* we are different in that I don't put polish on my fingernails (though my daughter is beginning to ask to do this....) and I can live without cheese, though by now you know I can't live without chocolate. nor can you.....thanks for finding 5 fluffy things, I love how hard it was for you! (I bet your CILB is very happy it was so hard....) :-)