Saturday, June 28, 2008

Readathon: Hour 14 Mini-Challenge & Book Giveaway

How much do you know about Korea? The person who can list the most facts (trivial or otherwise) about the interesting peninsula upon which I now live and work will win a copy of the novella pictured above.

An Appointment With My Brother is the story of a South Korean man whose father abandoned the family, defected to North Korea for ideological reasons, and started a new family there. Upon the father's death many years later, the South Korean man meets his North Korean half-brother for the first time.

Leave your answers in the Comments section; you have until the end of the Readathon. This contest is open to all Readathon participants. Good luck!


Eva said...

Off the top of my head? Or can we use Wikipedia? Here's what's out of my brain...
the capital of South Korea is Seoul
the capital of North Korea is Pyongyang
there has never been an official end to the Korean war
the US sent troops to the peninsula in the 50s as part of a UN sanctioned mission
the only reason it was UN sanctioned is that the USSR was boycotting the Security Council and the Communist Chinese government hadn't been recognised, so the Tawainese still had that vote
the US still has a really big base there (which both my parents have been stationed at!)
Korean is a tonal language (right?)
and written Korean is character based
the DMZ is still a no man's land
but the DMZ is really close to Seoul, so if North Korea ever decided to invade, it wouldn't be pretty
the leader of North Korea is Kim Jong Il
I can't remember the leader of South Korea (lol), but I know that he wants to institute a 'sunshine policy' and cozy up with North Korea
the current UN secretary general is Korean
his name is Ban Ki Moon (I think. something like that)
a lot of North Koreans try to sneak over the borders into China or South Korea
the US doesn't have an official diplomatic presence in North Korea
the Japanese invaded the peninsula at some point and took over
the official name of South Korea is the Republic of Korea
the offical name of North Korea is the Democratic People's Republic Korea
ummmm....I think that's just about it....
North Korea shares a border with China

ok, for any more, I'd have to use wikipedia lol

Eva said...

Oh! How did I forget about kimchee?!?! kimchee is a very yummy Korean cabbage dish, lol

Bonnie Jacobs said...

You're on! I'll be back when I compile my list, but I assure you it won't be off the top of my head. And I will post it on my blog, both the challenge and my list.

I'm really interested in doing this challenge because one of my friends is living and working in Seoul, South Korea. Maybe I'll have to ask her? I know I'll find lots of information on her blog!

I shall return!

Anonymous said...

I have tons too, so I'm in! :D
I posted them on my blog. I may add more later.

Becca said...

Sheesh. I don't know too much so I probably won't win this one, but here goes:

*The space between North and South Korea is called the DMZ (demilitarized zone).

*The Korean war has never actually ended.

*If there were actual peace between N. and S. Korea the DMZ, which is now essentially a haven for many endangered species, would probably become a major boon for developers.

*North (Or was it South?) Korea has access to nuclear weapons due to Americans helping them build a nuclear powerplant.

*Kim Jong Il is the leader of North Korea (yes?)

*Korean is the official language

*North Korea is communist?

Erm, gosh, I don't know much about the Koreas. :-( And I like how toward the end my answers became questions...

Becca said...

OH. I guess other people aren't doing this off the tops of their heads. Oops!

That's alright. None of you will judge me for my lack of Korean Trivia knowledge. Will you?

Dewey said...

Look at all these Korea geniuses!

Care said...

It's where M.A.S.H. the tv series was set?

Andi said...

This is definitely going to show my ignorance, but here goes:
1. Seoul is the capital of S. Korea (probably Korea proper if Kim Jon Il wasn't a dictator in the north).
2. During the Korean War (which I'm not sure was even a war), many Korean women were prostitued to American soldiers.
3. The "Comfort Women" still gather every day to protest their treatment by the Chinese.
4. Hundreds of people every day are starving in N. Korea.
5. The country is lush and beautiful - sorry I can't be more specific on that.

And honestly, that about taps me, if I don't cheat and read other people's comments. But now I will learn more. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I posted more on my blog :)