Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Book Giveaway: The Winner!

Congratulations to Tanabata at In Spring It Is The Dawn for winning my prize copy of Korea Bug! I wish everyone could have won. That might be the usual and expected thing to say, but I really mean it -- this is a terrific book. I'm thinking of buying yet another copy and hosting another giveaway soon. Meanwhile -- happy reading, Tanabata!


tanabata said...

Oh wow! I'm thrilled to have won. I'm really looking forward to reading this. Thank you Bybee!

Dewey said...

Congratulations, Tanabata!

I came to tell you that I saw your calendar comment and though, "I will go to Amazon, and if they have 2008 Lynda Barry calendars, I will get one for me and one for Bybee, even though it's already April!" And I saw this:

The Ten Commandments, the seven deadly sins: 1985 calendar by Lynda Barry 1 Used & new from $78.88

So, if you really, really loved that calendar (I assume it was the 1985 one you had?) then you can get another one! But I am not spending almost eighty bucks to get you a used calendar, sorry! ;)

Bybee said...

Thanks for entering!

Thank you for thinking of me re: the Lynda Barry calendar...no, it wasn't '85 (although I'm sure that one's super as well) -- it was '89 or '90.