Sunday, August 07, 2022

The DNF Files: Let's Just Hiss and Say Goodbye

Meet Waverly (left) and Starman (right). They showed up for this installment of the DNF files. They've got opinions.

These are books started in 2022 that I could not, would not, shall not finish.

1. Who Was David Bowie?

Starman: I'm insulted that Bybee DNF'd this book. "There's a Starman waiting in the sky/he'd like to come and meet us/but he thinks he'd blow our minds..."
Waverly: One less book. Why the hell does she shelve right at the edge? How am I supposed to climb?

2. From Scratch: Inside the Food Network

Waverly: Oooh, Scratch. I like that.
Starman: For sure! Also Food. What's wrong with her?

3. Resistance Women

Starman: Resistance. Remember that time she put drops in my eyes?
Waverly: Hitler never met my back claws.

4. Murder on the Orient Express

Waverly: Hmmm, murder. Like what I did to that spider.
Starman: If you go on the train, you gotta ride in the cat carrier. No way.

5. Aru Shah and the End of Time

Starman: It's a YA book. I'm a YA cat.
Waverly: There's a bird. I'm intrigued.

6. The Secret History of Food

Starman: This is all stuff humans eat! So what?
Waverly: A long chapter about offal is needed.


james b chester said...

This was a fun post. I recently finished Murder on the Orient Express, but I can understand why you gave up. I'm not sure Ms. Christie will further stand the test of time. I found it pretty dated overall.

I'm kind of back to blogging, btw. Retired now with more free time. I'm at

Bybee said...

Omg James! Good to see you. It's been a minute. I look forward to visiting your new blog.

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