Monday, January 02, 2017

A Look Back at Those Pesky Bibliolutions

I am amazed at how full of goodness and energy and plans I am at the beginning of the year. I'm just brimming with it. This year is no exception, but first, let's revisit that list so freshly and confidently baked at the  beginning of 2016:

I would like to read 85 books in 2016.
 I read 62.

Actually, I would like to read 99 books in 2016.
  Yeah? Well, too bad. 62.

I would like to read more audiobooks. I had a great time last summer when I went on that audiobook surge. Sunlight and walking and words in my ears. Yes, I would like that again.
  I audioed four books this year. Three out of the four were done while I was driving around. 

I would like to read Villette by Charlotte Bronte.
I tried from April to October to read this novel. I tried audiobooking and reading it on my Kindle. Either way, it was no damn good. I would like to never, never, never, never, never read Villette again. DNF and I don't care.

I would like to read Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky by Patrick Hamilton.
Read and enjoyed!

I would like to read more graphic novels.
I read 2.

I would like to complete my Pulitzer Fiction collection. Only ten to go!
I added one book, the newest, The Sympathizer to the collection.  Still ten to go.

I would like to read three novels in my Pulitzer Fiction collection.
I didn't read any Pulitzer fiction this year.

I would like to read the new Shirley Jackson biography when it's published.
I did this! I gobbled it like cake, like potato chips. I even read the end notes. All hail Shirley!

I would like to finish reading all of Stewart O'Nan's novels.
I read one, City of Secrets. Not my favorite of his novels, but still great writing.

I would like to have an even split of fiction/nonfiction. 
Not bad: 29 fiction and 33 nonfiction.

I would like to read that biography of Alexander Hamilton, then listen to the musical. Or vice-versa. Oh boy, did I complete this resolution! I went on an extreme Hamilton tear that lasted all summer and into the fall. One of the highlights of my year.

I would like to stick to the TBR Dare until April. Read my own damn books.
Ha! Maybe the second week in January. Maybe.

I would like to start the day with reading.
Sometimes reading wins. Sometimes sleep wins. Sometimes, I'm jerked into wakefulness by someone screaming: DEAR GOD, SUSAN! YOU LET THE POINSETTIA DIE!!! and I bang my head on the book(s) lying next to me.

I would like to end the day with reading.
  I'm having good luck with this.

I would like to have a certain time of day that is cordoned off from life and meant only for reading. Alas, this glittering place still exists only in my imagination.

Edited to add:  I would like to read The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles.
 Done! Enjoyed.

Okay, that's that! My newest set of yummy book resolutions are almost done and ready to come out of the oven. Can you smell something burning?

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