Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pulitzer Collection: Ten To Go!

I have been working seriously on my Pulitzer fiction collection for nearly ten years. After taking stock last week, I discovered that I only have ten to go to complete my set. Of course this collection can never truly be completed as long as there is a prize awarded, but once I reel in these final few, I'll bask in a sense of doneness for eleven months at a whack:

Middlesex. 2003.

Advise and Consent.  1960.

Guard of Honor.  1949.

Dragon's Teeth.  1943.

Gone with the Wind. 1937.

Honey in the Horn. 1936.

The Store. 1933.

The Good Earth. 1932.

Laughing Boy. 1930.

The Able McLaughlins. 1924.

Okay, back to Nonfiction November! 


Sam said...

Love it. That's quite an achievement - one that book nerds worldwide are going to envy. Congrats.

Citizen Reader said...

Can't wait to see what you think of The Good Earth. One of my sister's favorite books of all time.