Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oh, Kindle. I Hardly Knew Ye :(

It was kind(le) of a rough week in Bookwormlandia.  I was getting to the most dramatic part of Germinal, and my Kindle started acting crazy.  At first, it was small things like not saving pages and frozen screens, but then it grew to more serious matters like instantaneous battery drain and disappearing archives and then vanishing books, including the aforementioned Zola book.  I caught on pretty quickly that my Kindle wasn't just joking around with me.  Troubleshooting efforts failed. Finally, horribly, I was confronted with the blank screen pictured above.

There was also a rough moment in which the Kindle was done for, I was at work, I'd finished my library book (The Game by Jack London) and I couldn't find a thing to read on the subway ride home. Madness!

Although I'd had my Kindle for more than a year, Amazon is sending me a new one that has been generously discounted.  It will arrive sometime this week.  I wish I knew why this one gave out after only 18 months.  I did use it every day, but I was very careful with it and didn't abuse it in any way.  It seems as if it should have lasted a little longer.  Maybe I had too many books loaded on it?  If that's the case, so much for whole library in my hands.  I'm wondering if I do indeed need to invest in another Kindle, a backup Kindle, as my friend Teri suggested.

While waiting for the new Kindle, I've been ransacking my home library as well as the others in the area for shorter books that I can comfortably carry in my bag and read on the subway.  This is also a prime opportunity to get back into audiobooks.  In addition, it's a wake-up call to stock my office with some reading material so I don't get caught short again.


Kate Midnight Book Girl said...

My condolences to your Kindle! I've had mine for over 3 years, and I have over 400 titles on it... honestly, maybe more. I haven't been reading it much this year because I'm trying to deal with my physical books, but I still carry it with me everywhere (and I continue to buy ebooks, it's an illness).

I think your Kindle was just defective, and I'm hoping your new one lasts for years to come! Mine does occasionally freeze up, but they are mini-computers. I can't imagine how freaky it is to watch your Kindle have the e-reader equivalent to a melt-down though.

Audiobooks are something I'm very much into, and I listen to my audible app almost every day, and anytime I'm driving. So many great books out there, brought to life by great narrators!

Jennifer @ The Relentless Reader said...

Aww, poor poor Kindle! I'm glad to hear that a new one is on the way. I hope it comes quickly!

I agree with Kate, there must have been something defective about it.

Good luck finding subway books :)

Biblibio said...

My condolences for Germinal! Suddenly grateful to have two print editions of that one on my shelves (in addition to a digital edition. Or two. Possibly three, if you count languages I can't read.).

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Oh NO! I've had good luck with my 2 Kindles (keyboard and paper-white), but another blogger just had hers give out after going through airline security:) Glad Amazon was helpful with the discount.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

This post makes me so nervous, because it's exactly why I don't trust my kindle. I just feel like my e-books could disappear at any minute!

Care said...

Yikes! I am starting to crave a Kindle. I get really irritated with the Kindle app on my iPad. Best to you with the replacement.

Ryan said...

Sorry to here about the Kindle. I have had mine for three years and not a single problem thus far. Now I feel like I should be knocking on some wood.

Eva said...

That's so annoying!!! My 2.5 year old Nook is still working fine, except for the battery life isn't as good as it used to be.