Monday, April 01, 2013


I like the colors in this picture, but my favorite shots of Zola are the ones in which he's wearing the pince-nez and his hair is all rumpled.

I've spent the last month diligently working my way through the 20-volume Rougon-Macquart series.  So far, I've read 7 out of the 20. I'm going in publication order.

Even though Zola is my new literary crush, I was starting to feel a little too much of a muchness, so I'm glad about this challenge. It will get me back on track toute suite.  Meanwhile, I'll try to assemble my jumbled feelings and impressions into a manageable post sometime in the near future.

Happy 173rd birthday to Emile Zola on April 2nd!


Fanda Classiclit said... have read 7 of the 20? I've only read 2... Well, I will repair it this month!

Have fun with Zoladdiction, happy reading!

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Ugh, literary fail. I have never read Zola! I must remedey that this year!

jenclair said...

Zoladdiction? How pervasive is this addiction?

Enjoy your challenge!

Care said...

Oh - recommend me a book for my first Zola?!

Bybee said...

That's easy: Therese Raquin or L'Assommoir. If you're a foodie (I'm thinking of your pies), then The Belly of Paris.

Kathleen said...

Enjoy the challenge!