Saturday, March 02, 2013

March March

I'm really into reading Emile Zola's Rougon-Macquart series right now, but I'm going to take a short break from that and participate in Fizzy Thoughts' Little Women readalong.  My fondness for Little Women knows no bounds.  It's part of my personal fabric. (Something like muslin or crinoline.)

I did a long post here about a book of criticism called Little Women and the Feminist Imagination.  Fun reading.

I even dreamed about it once.

Fizzy has encouraged us to tweet #marchon  #marmeeon

 (#marchon was grabbed up by basketball fans. The two could not coexist peacefully, although Jo played a pretty fierce game of croquet in Chapter 12.)

OK, enough.  It's time to find a comfortable place at the hearth.  Later on, I might grab a couple of apples and head to the garret.


Susan said...

Have fun, booktwin! I don't twitter, so a lot of the readathons I can't go on :-( I love Little Women, so I'm wishing you lots of lovely time to read it again. I'm due for a reread sometime soon. Jo is my hero, always!

Anonymous said...

I read almost half of the book this afternoon, and while I know you love Marmee, she was seriously bugging me. Does everything have to involve a lesson???

Bybee said...

Jo is wonderful, but for some reason, I was irritated with her deliberately awkward behavior that caused her to get passed over in favor of Amy regarding the trip to Europe.

I like Marmee much better when she soft-pedals on the lessons.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

I love this book so much!!!

Kathleen said...

Enjoy Little Women. I have a horrible confession...I've not read this one from start to finish yet! :(