Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6th Canadian Book Challenge: Canadian Inventions

The Canadians invented so many great things: the goalie mask, insulin, the robotic space arm, Standard time and poutine, not necessarily in that order.  They also invented some quirky things like a mechanical skirt lifter,  square bullets and Earth Paper, which is partially made of muskox poop. (Since muskox are herbivores, their  leavings are extremely fibrous.)

Canada was also a place to look to for inspiration.  In the years following World War I, a small black bear cub was rescued by a Canadian vet and brought to the London Zoo, where she became a popular exhibit.  Winnie (short for Winnipeg, the kindly vet's hometown) was especially loved by a little boy named Christopher Robin Milne.  Repeated trips to the zoo gave his writer dad an idea...

The invention that intrigued me most was salmon leather.  I'd love to see and feel some shoes or a handbag made from salmon skin.

Author Lisa Wojna wrote Canadian Inventions for younger readers, but it's fun and educational for everyone.

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Susan said...

We are a cool country! lol I will have to get this for my kids, though, they will enjoy it.