Saturday, October 13, 2012

Readathon: 6th Update


I was wondering why no cheerleaders have visited my blog during this Readathon.  Truth's out now.  I'm shallow like that; I like readers, for all my talk of this blog being nothing more than an online reading journal.

Finally, after 18+ hours, it occurred to me to check my link at the official Readathon page. Oops!  I put my link in wrong.  Since it ain't over till it's over, I re-registered as the last entrant.  This link works.

Now I'm properly represented on the list, but I can't settle down to read.  This Readathon feels like an utter shambles for me.  I'm doing worse and facing more challenges than the one a few years ago when I was drunk in another city at start time.

My motivation isn't gone, but it's picking up its bag and walking over to the door.  Somehow, I've got to get it back and make these last few hours mean something.

Snack?  Yes, but I didn't enjoy it.

1 comment:

Too Fond said...

NO!!! I'm here to cheer your readathon experience back to life!

You can do it! Only a few hours left and lots of reading to be done! Pick up the best, most fun and exciting book you have close by and get to it!

Read, read, read
All through the night
Read, read, read
Til morning's light

You are not forgotten by your friendly neighborhood #cheertamales! :)