Saturday, October 13, 2012

Readathon: 2nd Update

Pages read this hour: 79

Still reading Dead End In Norvelt.  The power struggle between Jack's parents is intriguing.  She's a socialist and he's a capitalist.  Since this is a children's literature book, will they split up over this fundamental difference?

Waves of sleepiness are washing over me.  I need to give in gracefully and be not afraid of the nap.

Here's a picture of a snack awaiting me when I wake up.  Homemade pizza!  Actually, I already had a couple of slices for supper.  Delicious.  My beautiful, brilliant and talented neighbor, Dina, the one who wrote the Egyptian cookbook made it for me.

My nap strategy is to sleep on the couch, because it gets damned uncomfortable after a couple of hours.  That way, I won't be unconscious for too long.   Zzzzzee you zzzzzzzoon.


SFP said...

Hope you wake refreshed from your nap. That's a very attractive pizza you have there waiting for you.




Anonymous said...

That is one delicious looking pizza!