Sunday, April 22, 2012

Readathon: Hey 19

Pages read: 12

TV:  Switched on for background noise.  The Great Train Robbery is playing.  Every time Sean Connery has a line of dialogue, I feel compelled to look up.

Food:  Sandwich time!

How's the book?  The novel version of Shane is already different from the movie version.  Shane rode up to the Starrett place wearing all black.  The Starrett boy's name is Bob, rather than Joey.  I'm sure I'm going to love it, though.  I found it in the children's section of What The Book?, but is it really?

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Peter D. Sieruta said...

I believe it was originally published as an adult book, but was placed in so many children's libraries that the more recent illustrated Houghton edition was released by their children's department. The author did write at least one novel specifically for kids -- OLD RAMON, a 1961 Newbery Honor. Haven't read it in many years, but remember it as a very short (100 pages?), stark western story.