Saturday, April 21, 2012

Readathon: 15th Hour

Other bookworms, other blogs:  Feeling a little rah, I went back to cheerleading and visited 7 book blogs this hour.

Pages read: 16

Time for tea:  Reading is thirsty work.

Thoughts:  I'm liking It's Like This, Cat better now.  There's a slight ironic tone and jazzy rhythm that is pleasing once you settle in.  I had to laugh at Dave's father getting mad because Dave brought home a Harry Belafonte record.  When my aunt was roughly the same age and at about the same time as this book takes place, she bought a Barbra Streisand album and, another time, a Bill Cosby comedy album.  My grandmother was disapproving.   Another line in the book that made me chuckle was when an older girl offers him a cigarette.  He tells her no, but then reflects, "It's nice to be asked."


Lisa said...

Some books really do have a rhythm that you need to get into before you can enjoy them. Good luck with this one and the rest of your reading!

Maree said...

A book with "cat" in the title ... can only be good :D *\o/*