Friday, April 20, 2012

...And I'll Have 'Thon! 'Thon! 'Thon! Even Though I Put The Kindle Away

25 hours until the Readathon starts.  Looks like about 325 participants this time, from all over the world.  We'll be reading nonstop for 24 hours for reasons ranging from altruism to hubris.

I've been building a Readathon pile for several weeks.  A few times I haven't built a decent pile and I've found myself picking and discarding books as the hours ticked by.

 I got the idea after last October's readfest to focus on Newbery winners, but then Shane lassoed me and reminded me...Alan Ladd!...sorry, my mind just wandered.

My friend Chris at Vitamin Brock recently finished Fahrenheit 451, and I absolutely refuse to let any more people read it before I do. (I mean it, Sophomore English Classes all over the world.  Drop the book now.  Gently.  Good.)

  A Simple Plan reminds me of Macbeth.  It's there to make me feel smart during those hours when fatigue has depleted my comprehension.    All that schemata and being a fan of the movie version of A Simple Plan will prop me up during those hazardous hours.  Also, can you imagine Lady Macbeth wimping out during a Readathon?

Not sure about Gilligan's Wake.  I just got it in the mail and I'm so in love with the shiny and new, but I've got a feeling that my brain needs to be marvelously agile when I read it.

Okay, I lied in my header.  I'm not putting the Kindle away.  The Kindle is going exactly nowhere, because I'm more than halfway finished with The Fran Lebowitz Reader and something tells me that when I start to flag, some of her brittle aphorisms will hit the spot like a handful of hickory-smoked roasted peanuts.

Oh, did I just say 'brittle'?  Did I mention peanuts?  I must get the food/drink situation sorted, too.


Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

Woo hoo! I'm reading tomorrow too. I love the Dewey read-a-thon. Good luck with your books!

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Readathon in less than 11 hours! I can't wait to read your updates, good luck on your pile!

Sam said...

Good luck with the readathon. I'm on the road all day tomorrow doing a Bluebonnet Tour with my wife and some friends up towards Dallas on some of the backroads of Texas. Grab some toothpicks for your eyes...