Friday, March 30, 2012

Finding Me! No?

Update: This post was written back when my blog was called "Naked Without Books"

Lately, I've gotten interested in seeing what search terms lead people to my blog.  Sometimes I want to say "Good for you!" like some camp counselor because they are focused on the last word in the blog title.

Other times, I want to reach into the computer and pluck their hands from the keyboard and wash their fingertips with a strong lye solution for focusing on just the first word in the blog title.

Occasionally, I don't know how to act or feel because I suspect I'm making searchers look smart(er) on a homework assignment.

Maybe I'm a means to an end right now, but that'll be the spark that makes them lifelong readers.  Anyway, here's a sampling:

"Bybee Books"
Yes.  I do.

"Esther Greenwood and Holden Caulfield"
Nice.  I could talk about these two all day long.  I'm trying to make a literary chain: Mark Twain created Huck.  J.D. Salinger admired Huck, and that led to the creation of  Holden.  Sylvia Plath admired Holden, which led to the creation of Esther Greenwood.  Curtis Sittenfeld admired Esther, which led to the creation of  Lee Fiora.  Put *that* in your homework, kiddies.

"Laura Ingalls nacked"
Please don't come back to my blog.  Get off the computer right now and go to bed without supper.  I'd like to whip you with Pa's strap for thinking such things about Laura as well as for your terrible spelling.

"Top 100 Children's Novels"
Thanks for visiting, but these lists are so subjective.  Keep searching, and report back to me if you spot some interesting new or vintage titles.

"Don Robertson"
Yes!  Everyone should read Don Robertson, especially the Morris Bird III trilogy.  If you have any Don Robertson books laying around that you don't want, especially The Ideal Genuine Man, Miss Margaret Ridpath and the Dismantling of the Universe, The Three Days, or A Flag Full of Stars, send them my way.

"A Complicated Kindness character analysis"
Is your Canadian teacher making you do this?  Tell him or her that I said these characters really don't seem deep enough to analyze.  Sorry, or, as you say up there, Soar-ee.

"Another Claudia"
I didn't realize that so many people love Claudia.  I wish I had been a little less dismissive in my review.

"[first word of my blog title] 6th Graders"
You make me ill.  Not to mention extremely pissed off.

"The Petting Zoo Brett Singer"
This book came out in the late 1970s.  I'm glad it's finding new fans.  I'd read it again if you put it in front of me.  I believe I have my old hardcover copy back in the US.

"What was the bad news Wilbur heard?"
Charlotte's Web.  Chapter VII.  Pages 48-51.

"Katie John"
Katie John Tucker is a brilliant creation.  She's awkward and impetuous, but with the soul of a poet.

"MFK Fisher cook a wolf"
Every time I see this book on my shelf, I think about that recipe for Sludge in the "How to Keep Alive" chapter.  I'm curious to try it, but it yields many meals, and what if I hated it?  Best to stick with my favorite from that volume, Eggs in Hell.  Ooh, hungry.  I have four eggs left.  Gotta go.


jenclair said...

This is an interesting study! I know that the search words most common for my book blog have to do with "homonculus" from posts about brain books. About twice a year, I get a huge number of hits from this--evidently college course work.

Ellie said...

Some of the search terms in my referrers make me laugh, I wonder what on earth they were thinking. Some I just can't work out why they made it to my blog from what thye typed.

raidergirl3 said...

Sorry, or, as you say up there, Soar-ee.

How else would you say it?

Susan said...

I enjoyed this post. And how on earth do you find out how people find your blog? Ugh to how some of them use your I know why you are considering changing it. I'd never have thought! but then we don't do we? sick people will use anything....I do love how you can answer some of those referrers to your blog! lol
I'm sick with a cold, so I just had an amusing moment imagining all the ways we say sorry over here....I never would have thought of us saying 'soar-ee' but I think you are mumbling it north of the border! lol

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

Some are so funny, but some border on criminal... actually the 6th grader one does more than border. Ick!

I'm glad I turned off anonymous posts on my blog because there are some sick people out there.

Jenny said...

Maybe they mean "Laura Ingalls snacked"? Like on potatoes and bread, throughout the long winter?

Kathleen said...

Love this post and how interesting how people stumbled upon your blog. Some of the searches are downright scary.