Saturday, January 07, 2012

TBR Double Dare: Pieces of April

So far, so good.  I'm nearly through week 1 and I've only read things that have been mouldering on my to-be-read shelf.  There's a richness nearly beyond compare stacked up on that 7-foot wooden structure.

 There are hundreds of choices, but of course this contrary bookworm wants what she doesn't have and can't read until after April 1 if the TBR Double Dare is to be successfully completed.

Friday found me poking through a box of book giveaways at the office.  I came home with:

Dust To Dust - Timothy Findlay.  Canadian author!
Salads (recipe book).  Maybe this book will turn my eating habits around forever.  Nah.
The Black Monk - Anton Chekov.  I can never resist those cute little palm-sized Penguin 60s.
Siddhartha - Herman Hesse.  I tried to read Hesse in high school because he was so "meaningful", but quickly lost interest.  I'll go back and see if my lost interest was justified or just the mark of an immature reader.

A day before that, my friend Teri gifted me a Kindle copy of The Gathering by Anne Enright.  I heard that this Man Booker winner is grim and depressing -- everything I love in a novel.

Last night, I went wild on Amazon, in search of Taylor Caldwell books.  I ordered two:  Wicked Angel (1965) and Captains and the Kings (1972).  I also wanted a nice hardcover first edition copy of A Prologue to Love, but the bookseller wouldn't deliver to South Korea.

"All of this is off limits till April 2."
 Repeat as necessary.

I've got pieces of's a morning in January.


C.B. James said...

You can do it! Seven shelves of TBR. I probably have that many books, too. I just have a four shelf bookcase and two stacks of books next to it.

Jeane said...

I have six shelves! And of course I've already found and ordered off paperback swap a few books that will have to wait months now, no matter how much I want to read them.

Sam Sattler said...

I made it through the first week, too, having read three from my TBR stack. I doubt I'll make it all the way to April, though...just seem impossible.

Beth said...

Hey, I'm doing TBR Dare too! This week I've been cleaning up the library shelves, which will soon be bare, and then I can start on the TBR bookcase. The goal is to get all the books off the floor and onto the book case by April.

I'm not organized enough to acquire new books, though. I'd have nowhere to put them. Sigh.

Oh, I read Siddhartha in college -- in GERMAN. That was the pinnacle of my non-English abilities. It went far too slowly for any great meaning to penetrate, but I remember liking it as a book well enough.

Beth said...

"Captains and the Kings" I first read, and LOVED, in high school. I still do. It is my favorite of Caldwell's works, and I also love "The Listener."