Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two Cents!

Oh. My. God.  Bookish delight.

 I stumbled into the graphic novel section at Hastings today.  It was kind of funny right from the beginning.  I was squinting at the shelves (bifocals, I scorn you but I need you) looking for some Rick Geary.

 The sales associate came up to...associate?  I mentioned Geary's name and his series of books based on grisly events like the Lizzie Borden case, the bloody Benders, the murders of Lincoln, Garfield, etc. and he looked blank.  Then he admitted that even though he's read 300 and The Crow, and graphic novels were a cool medium, his knowledge of the genre "basically suck[ed]" and he was being transferred to another department.

The section wasn't anything to write home about, but I found a GN for $1.99 called Last Exit Before Toll, and decided to give it a try.  Then I found another graphic novel called Maria's Wedding.  Not bad; I decided to get it as well if it was the same price as the other book.  I peered at the back.  $0.02!  Really?

At the register, I handed the book to the checkout guy.  "Is this price for real?"

He immediately went into a whispered conference with his supervisor, who was standing nearby.  The supervisor said, "Go ahead," in a loud, pissed-off voice.

"OK," the checkout guy said, "Two cents."  He rang up both books.  "Your total is two-seventeen."

"Wow," I said.  "That's mismarked, isn't it?"

"It might be."  He sounded a little pissed himself.  I wondered if he was pissed at me; if he thought I was moving stickers around on books.  I wanted to pursue the subject, but there were customers behind me, so I took my books and moved on from concerned to triumphant as I exited the store.

 Two cents!  Have you ever high-fived yourself?   I'm so going to enjoy this book.


fantsmacle said...

What amazing luck. I was feeling good this week about going to a closing Borders in Billings and getting 30%, but 2 cents? I hope it's worth it.

A Library Girl said...

Fantastic find! I always feel like I've struck gold when I find something that was originally $10+ marked down to .99, but I've never found anything like that. Although there was that one time a newspaper ad had the wrong price for a particular DVD boxed set at one store. The store was forced to honor the price (which was about 75% off, a savings of maybe $100), because the alternative was a bunch of upset people pointing to the ad, and the DVDs sold like hotcakes.

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

That's awesome! I can't believe it was only two cents. Best mistake ever.

Tami said...

Now that's what I call bargain shopping! And you can read it guilt free because you gave them the opportunity to correct their mistake. :) I'm not a graphic novel fan, but I'm slowly learning to appreciate them. Can't wait to hear what you think of your purchases.

softdrink said...


Kathleen said...

High five, you got a great bargain!!

Carrie#K said...

Two cool! I once got a book for it's listed price - 37¢. Up top!! :)