Wednesday, March 02, 2011

February 2011: Book Buying

After acquiring a huge load of (I lost count after 30) books last month for free, you're probably thinking: No. She could not have possibly gone out and bought books. Well, of course I could and did. You must be thinking of someone else. I almost made it through the month without opening my wallet, but books happen. Two of them this time:

1. The Sum and Total of Now - Don Robertson. I bought Robertson's wonderful The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread back in April, 2008 and gobbled it down almost as fast as the object in the title. I never meant for three years to pass before buying the rest of the trilogy. One night about a week ago, I woke up with the sweaty dreadful conviction that the new edition of The Sum and Total of Now was going to become as difficult to find and as expensive as its hardback ancestor from the late 1960s. To hell with that. I made my move.

2. The Greatest Thing That Almost Happened - Don Robertson. Bird is the word. A body in motion tends to remain in motion. Plus, my Inner Completeist Bookworm was clamoring for me to complete the trilogy. I had to. Buying the second book and not the third would have been like playing only the first three notes of Beethoven's 5th.

I suppose I should feel ashamed of my book gluttony, but when I think of those two books winging their way across the ocean to be with me, I can't help but feel pleased. In fact, I would like nothing more than to set up a lawn chair in the lobby of my apartment building and spend the days with my eyes trained on the wall of mailboxes until they arrive.


Sam Sattler said...

I have yet to read anything by Robertson other than "The Ideal Genuine Man." This trilogy really has me your enthusiasm toward it.

P.S. My "word verification" for posting this comment is "oinkist." Is someone trying to tell me something? :-)

Bybee said...

I hope to eventually get around to "The Ideal Genuine Man" as well as the rest of Robertson's books. Oinkist, LOL!