Thursday, January 06, 2011

Tough & Cool Inner Bookworm: Sizing up Bybee's Feeble Attempts at Reading Resolutions

Bybee has gone off to work after a morning of lallygagging. Exactly how many applications of shampoo does she really need for those few short thin strands on her head? But never mind that. I've got plenty of other things on my mind.

Another year down the reading drain! Poor Bybee; she has these flashes of brilliance then long stretches of murkiness. Her intentions are good, but her you think she's got a touch of adult ADD? Examining her faults and foibles always gives me a headache like someone whopped me upside the head with a volume of the OED, but I shall not flinch from the task set before me.

1. Read for charity. This resolution is still a little half-baked. For every book I read, I'm going to award myself 1,000 won, roughly the equivalent of 1.00 USD.
Bybee ended up tweaking this goal a little bit -- she changed it to a penny a page instead of 1.00 for each book. Good move. As a result, approximately $270-something dollars is going to an orphanage in Siem Reap. If she'd taken my advice and read some lovely Victorian chunksters, the Cambodians would be getting so much more.

2. Read 100+ books.
She read 106 books. Hmf. The Plump Pig, indeed.

3. Complete all my challenges:

100+ Books Challenge
See above comment.

Support Your Local Library Challenge (50 books this time)
She clumsily scratched her way to 17 books, then went a-wandering off God-knows-where.

2010 Canadian Book Challenge
Fail. 5 books out of 13. Bad Bybee! No poutine for you!

Read The Book, See The Movie Challenge.
So many wonderful pre-1900 novels have been made into movies. I'm just saying.

The Pulitzer Project.
She read another 4 this year. Like I care. The Pulitzers didn't come along until well into the 20th century. Yawn.

4. Read more books published before 1900. You see, Tuffi? I care.
"Tuffi" indeed! 7 books out of 106? I have to admit though that when she read The Rule of St. Benedict (published in 530) I felt a little funny in the head with hope and joy. Alas, in no time at all, she was back bumbling around in the modern...stuff.

5. Read internationally.
Only 32% of her reading was international this year. I wish I knew a number of different languages. How would "Susan, you suck" sound in Tagalog or Ukrainian?

6. Get caught up on my book reviews.
She got caught up all right, but she's straggling again with December's reviews.
So there you have it. How does she get herself dressed in the mornings? I wish I could quit her and find myself a true bookworm that shares my genteel sensibilities, but I'm yoked to Bybee. She is what she is and she is my fate. I'm bound to be sitting on my little pincushion of despair for yet another year, but you'll never hear me complain. Ouch.


Avid Reader said...

Well done! 100 plus books is fantastic.

Unruly Reader said...

That worm is one tough grader! Loved your challenge recap.

Eva said...

LOL: I was wondering where Tuffie had gone.

That charity reading is awesome: such an inspiration! When I have a job, I'll have to remember to do something similar.

Congrats on meeting most of your goals! And Tuffie needs to learn that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. ;)

Carrie K said...

Ha. I did much better than you. I resolved to read only what interested me for as long as it held my interest. Also it was about all I could manage last year.