Monday, November 08, 2010

All About Alcott

It's a little late in the year, but I simply cannot resist this challenge. Louisa May Alcott -- my fellow Sagittarian -- wouldn't want me to, either.

Wish me luck and pass the blancmange.


Eva said...

Have fun! I remember coming across A Long and Fateful Love Chase in high school and being surprised it was the same author. :)

Autodidact101 said...

Ooooh so wish I could join you on this. I've been building my daughters library and on the hunt for a leather-bound, gold-edged, illustrated copy for her. Want her to love it as much as I did so I want it to be GORGEOUS.

Susan said...

Good luck, book-twin! Darn it, I'd join, but I am not sure *gulp* if I even own Little Women yet. Don't yell! I've been looking for a copy I like for a while now. ooh, I can hardly wait to see what you read for this challenge! :-D

Bybee said...

There's something in that vein by Alcott that I'd like to read. It's about a governess who's scamming a whole family. She's kind of like Lady Audley or Jane Eyre and Bertha Rochester if you could run them through the blender.

Now that Christmas is getting close, you'll see the nice editions of the classic books prominently on display in bookstores.

I actually have an Alcott wild card that I was saving up for the holidays, but of course I'm looking forward to hunting up Little Men or one of the gothic novels. Maybe this is a good time to rewatch the 1933 version of Little Women.

Eva said...

Ohhh: are you going to read and review that one? I love a good femme fatale. :D

Bybee said...

I remembered the title: Behind A Mask. If I can find it, I'll read and review. The one I have on hand is a Christmas story written for the juvenille set.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I'm glad I stopped by today. I shall join you.

Another Sagittarian,

Su-sieee! Mac