Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 2010: Buying

Only three this month. I can restrain if I want to, but it's a hateful business. .

1. True Grit - Charles Portis. My copy -- the 1969 movie tie-in with the folk art painting of the girl and her horse on the front cover and Kim Darby and Little Blackie on the back cover (left) -- is back in Missouri. Impatient to re-read the book before the new movie comes out on Christmas Day in the US, I ordered a newer edition (right) from Amazon. Much to my relief, Mattie, Little Blackie, Rooster, LaBoeuf and the rest of the gang arrived safely on Thursday. I was worried that it would get stolen from my mailbox and flung about like my Flashman books did last summer. I prepared myself. Had it gone missing, I was planning to knock -- no, make that POUND -- on every damn door in this apartment complex. 2. Jazz English Book One Workbook - Gunther Breaux. Only $4.00 (USD) and a steal! Jazz English is my very favorite textbook for English conversation. People borrow it from me and forget to return it and I go out and get another copy. I got to meet Gunther Breaux at the recent (October 16-17) KOTESOL conference, and I hope I didn't totally gawp and burble. Professor Breaux gave such a great motivational talk about how to test speaking ability that I went all the way from wanting to puke if I had to teach another conversation class all the way to raring to get at them and wishing that my schedule could be nothing but conversation classes. 3. Jazz English Book Two Workbook - Gunther Breaux. Yes, I'm a fan! Go Professor Breaux! Yes, I want to apply for a job at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies so I can breathe the same air....okay, gotta stop. I'm starting to remind myself of Annie Wilkes. Not. Good. Atall. . It's a little early to report/confess my buying, but I'm done for October. I'm not going anywhere near a bookstore until early November.


nat @book, line, and sinker said...

i'm listening to a book right now that makes a few references to 'true grit'. haven't read it though! love the image from 'misery'. that movie's a classic! have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Put down the ax!!