Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bookish Resolutions For 2010

Thanks to my Tough & Cool Inner Bookworm, the whole blogiverse now knows where I stand as far as last year's reading goes. Baby, I can't please you. She's back in the closet and the door is firmly bolted, but at diminishing intervals, I'll hear a sudden, muffled cry: "Wollstonecraft!" Good idea, Tuffi, but give it a rest for now. I've got bookish promises to make and miles to go before I ... oh, never mind. Here are my resolutions for 2010:

1. Read for charity. This resolution is still a little half-baked. For every book I read, I'm going to award myself 1,000 won, roughly the equivalent of 1.00 USD. (I'll have 2 bucks by the end of today.) At the end of the year, the money will go to some non-profit literacy organization. I hope I can find one that specializes in literacy for second-language learners. I haven't solicited anyone to sponsor me, but a couple of my friends have pledged to match what I've accomplished.

2. Read 100+ books. I've done this for 2 years in a row now, so I know it's possible. This goal ties in nicely with resolution #1. Plus, I get this...rush when I pop up to triple digits. Whoo.

3. Complete all my challenges:
  • 100+ Books Challenge
  • Support Your Local Library Challenge (50 books this time)
  • 2010 Canadian Book Challenge
  • Read The Book, See The Movie Challenge
  • The Pulitzer Project
4. Read more books published before 1900. You see, Tuffi? I care.

5. Read internationally. I confess -- this one is difficult for me. I love books published in my native country. Heart, heart, heart, heart. I seem to fall into them the way hungry people fall into McDonald's at mealtime. Is that any way for an expat bookworm to behave? I must develop a plan.
6. Get caught up on my book reviews. Even if I have to put up my piecemeal notes or render everything into haiku, I will present an account of what I've been reading these past few months.
Six is an odd number of resolutions, but it'll have to do.


Eva said...

Haiku reviews! Go for it! :D

Jenny said...

I'm trying not to make too many New Year's resolutions, as most years I go overboard with like fifteen resolutions. :P But I think I'm going to borrow yours to read more international books. Hurrah for diversity!

Anonymous said...

I'll just have to make a mental note of pushing more international titles your way. Sorry, I don't still have Bonk. The only reason I read it last month was that I owed for a swap on bookobsessed.com.

It was hilarious though - but still American writing.