Sunday, October 25, 2009

Readathon: Hour 22

Pages read: 25
Blogs visited: 3
Snacks: bottled water and a handful of sunflower seeds

In spite of her annoying tendencies, I do like Julie Powell. She's plucky regarding her cooking project, but she's willing to admit when she can't go the distance with Julia's directions. I also like her salty sense of humor. Her blog audience is starting to become more and more vocal. They dug their heels in when Powell attempted Poached Eggs in Aspic -- it's like gelatin made from calves' feet. There were 9 aspic recipes in all in Julia Child's cookbook, and her readers actually begged her not to try the others. Bon Appetit. Not.
I'll have to read My Life In France to find out exactly how and where Julia Child found the recipes that went into her masterwork. Poached Eggs In Aspic definitely has a medieval feel to it.

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Care said...

Sometimes I wonder if I like these personalities (that are 'salty'? and/or annoying at times) because they still somehow believing in themselves enough to get the book deals, etc. and thus they remind me that I can think of myself as too lame, 'nice', and try not to ever offend anyone ever. Could this be a serious detriment to 'success' in this world!? I do want to read My Life in France. I have about 3 friends who keep telling me they'll loan it but I've got such a stack of books I want to read NOW already sigh.
Congrats on a great readathon and thx for the super sweet comment about the 'quality' of my mini-challenge. :)