Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BBAW: Who Do You Love?

One of the BBAW questions this week is "What blog that you really enjoy didn't make the shortlist?"
That's an easy one: I've been reading Book Chase for a couple of years now and I'm stunned that it didn't make it to the show. Sam is a voracious reader and, well, he's the Joyce Carol Oates of blogging. His tastes are eclectic -- I look forward to seeing what he'll post about next. Not only does he satisfy my incessant need to know about books, he and I see eye-to-eye about country music. (I wish I were as knowledgeable about bluegrass as he is.) As if all that wasn't enough, he keeps readers up-to-date with news from the book world. If I didn't love this blog so much, my theme song would definitely be Hey Jealousy.

What? You're still here? Go visit Sam's blog!


Carrie K said...

Sam has a great blog! I picked up so many books to read from him that.....I stopped reading him until I caught up. How ridiculous is that?

Heather said...

I came to visit from Joemmama's blog as I sent here the Zombie Chicken award and want to visit her recipients. I'm glad that I came to visit as I really enjoyed your comments about audio books and have decided to return frequently. I listen to my audio books in the car and when walking the dog. Ok, sometimes when knitting. I download them from my local library.
Congrats on BBAW.

Susan said...

So that's where Sam comes from! Off I go to take a look. Lovely tribute to him, Bybee!

Petty Witter said...

Hi, just visiting from joemmama who highlighted your site. I loved your post on the audiobook, both interesting and informative.

Bybee said...

Carrie K,
I know. He leaves me breathless.

Maybe I need a dog. I should learn how to knit. I love scarves.

I didn't realize when I did this that we could choose more than one blogger...I dithered between you and Sam, because you both expand my horizons.

Petty Witter,
Thanks so much for visiting! I like that you quoted the Velveteen Rabbit on your blog.

Charles said...

I'm not much of a country music fan, but I do really like Alison Kruass and Union Station.

Literary Feline said...

I'm so glad you mentioned Book Chase and Sam! I really like his blog too. :-)