Monday, October 01, 2007

What Walked In

I don't suppose you'd believe me at this point if I told you the books just follow me home, right?

This weekend, my husband came to Korea (more about the 12 books he brought with him in a later post). I went up to Incheon and fetched him from the airport. The following day was book group. So of course I had to stay overnight in Seoul. Of course I had to stay at the hotel that's right around the corner from What The Book?

The horrible OJ book was at the bookstore -- foolish me, I thought I would be safe from the sight of that book over here. My husband actually picked it up, then as a joke, he touched my hand with the hand that had been holding the book. I recoiled, not entirely joking.

I didn't buy the OJ book, but here's what I did buy:

Brainiac - Ken Jennings (I have an affectionate older-sister crush on this sweet uber-geek. I read his blog regularly and was so pleased when he kicked Ogi's ass in "Grand Slam".)
My Detachment - Tracy Kidder (another memoir)
Korea: A Walk Through The Land Of Miracles - Simon Winchester (I've read mixed reports about this book, but I want to see for myself)
Joe - Larry Brown (yay)
The Duchess Who Wouldn't Sit Down - (blanking on author's name...looks entertaining...a history of hospitality)
The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane - Laird Koenig (I read this in middle school. Made into a creepy but cool little movie starring Jodie Foster and Martin Sheen back in the late seventies)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember that movie! Creepy is right.

Ewww! Your husband touched it?
And then you? The horrible things spouses do.

Of course the books followed you home. They do that to me all the time. It's in their nature.

Sam said... scared me there for a second. I was starting to believe that the OJ book has some spooky evil power that attaches itself to the most discerning of readers...I feel better now. :-)

Tara said...

Ugh - I cannot believe that anyone would publish the OJ book. Ick.

Eva said...

I completely believe they followed you home; in fact, three followed me home tonight!

kookie said...

I loved 'Brainiac'! I loved that he included trivia questions in every chapter. Ken is the man.

Unknown said...

I think it's more than following.. they actually stalk you past a point... I'm serious!! ;)

So, that's why you were in Seoul over the weekend.. ah~ must be nice to be reunited..
Hope you're having fun..

Lisa Jean said...

Brainiac was so much fun! I kind of have a little geek crush on him too.

Bookfool said...

Good heavens, yes, I believe you. Books follow me home all the time. They're magnetic and I am metal. I assume you also hold metallic properties.

So glad to see you got a Larry Brown book! I haven't read Joe, so I'll just cross my fingers you get to it, soon. I want to hear your thoughts - or read them, or whatever. I love, love, love his nonfiction. He was my Mississippi hero.

Dewey said...

Books follow me home, too! Thank god the OJ book didn't follow you home, though for a minute there I thought it was going to glue itself to Mr Bybee.

MissMiller said...

Hiya Bybee! Winchester intrigues me so I'd like to hear your thoughts on that one. I remember I got part way through Surgeon of Crowthorne and stopped, which is odd because it was a compelling read!