Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bloggers That Rock

Pages Turned is not only a kick-ass reader and blogger, (which I first noticed around 2 years ago and noted in Naked Without Books) she's also a blogger that rocks. In addition, she's very kind. She chose 5 female bloggers that rock and I'm one of them! Blush. Check out the list; I'm in damn good company!
Now that I've been proclaimed rockesque, one of my duties (and pleasures!) is to give the rockish nod to 5 other bloggers that I know rock. The responsibility is heavy because there are so many more than 5 for me. I need the Magic 8-Ball or perhaps Bluestalking's dartboard to narrow down my excellent choices. Here goes:
Kookiejar at A Fraternity Of Dreamers not only reads a lot, she's a terrific source for someone who's got an unquenchable thirst for Western pop culture! I also love it when she bakes.
Lisa at Bluestalking Reader is an invaluable source for finding out what ARCs are available out there. Also, her shameless photos of stacks of books she has acquired make my mouth water uncontrollably. "Book Hoor", indeed. Keep up the good work!
Annie at Reading Is My Superpower reads and reviews and reads and reviews and...well, you get the idea. I've started keeping a hard copy of my wishlist and a freshly sharpened pencil at the ready when I sit down to read this blog.
Sam Houston at Book Chase is not a woman, but he is a blogger and a bookworm of the finest kind, and that trumps everything. Like Annie, he reads and reviews so quickly that the pages of the books and the keyboard on his computer must be continually smoking. He's also a fan of traditional country music -- what more could a slightly homesick expat want?
Herschelian at The 3 Rs: Reading, Ranting and Recipes gives me lots of good ideas for books to read. If I've already read the book, I'll nod in agreement with her and wonder why I couldn't have said it as well. The ranting section of the blog usually features some quirky aspect of UK culture or government. Sharing the information that Herschelian has provided makes me look a little bit smarter in front of my co-workers, who usually think that Americans know fuck-all about the world in general. Then there's the recipe section. Yes, that's me, groaning audibly. Since I don't have an oven and can't find many ingredients for dishes I crave, I spend a lot of time and energy reading recipes and descriptions about food, including Herschelian's toothsome creations. It's sort of like what porn is for other people, which makes Herschelian a very naughty lady.
To the other 20 bloggers I was considering: Please know that you also rock, or you wouldn't be in the "Favorites" file on my computer, or on my blogroll!


lazy cow said...

Great, just what I need, more fabulous new book blogs to check out, sigh. Just when I thought I was getting my addiction under control!

Annie the Superfast Reader said...

i feel honored... i love your blog!

plus am excited to check out the other blogs on your list--

Bookfool said...

Well, shoot, now I'll have to check those out. I'm too tired, though - had enough of Saturday and I'm going to go for a soak. You do rock.

darkorpheus said...

I love it that you also nominated Sam Houston even though he's not a woman. Equal opportunity for men. Very progressive. Very enlightened :)

kookie said...

Gee, Bybee, you made me blush. I'm baking chocolate chip cookies as I'm reading your blog! Thank you.

Sam said...

Wow, thanks. I've never been an honorary "chick" before, especially one who rocks. :-)

Bybee said...

Lazy Cow,
Foolish girl, thinking you can resist the siren call. You're welcome. LOL.

Thank you for reading and writing so fast and feeding my bookish glutton.

A soak! Aaaah. I had one earlier this week. Once a year, the university puts the profs up in a hotel somewhere out of town with dinner and lunch the next day and other activities. Of course, one of my activities was bathing. Out of bath bombs, so I used Johnson's Lavendar Baby Bath. Very nice!

Dark Orpheus,
When it comes to bookworminess, that gender stuff melts like ice cream in the hot sun!

I accept "Care" packages. Just kidding. Do you have photos of said chocolate chip cookies?

As Audrey Hepburn said to Cary Grant in Charade: "You know what's wrong with you? ...Nothing!"