Saturday, May 19, 2007

When Authors Collide

Peter Rabbit, Run
By Beatrix Potter & John Updike

Peter was in Mr. MacGregor's garden. Again. His mother had warned him. Somehow, he'd felt her disapproval before he'd left the this morning, as if they'd both known. But he hadn't planned it, that's just how things had worked out. Now, in the sunshine, her future forgiveness seemed to wash over him.

Peter nibbled some lettuce meditatively. Vegetables made him think of death. You eat them, and death eats you. Through the window, he could see Mrs. MacGregor. Good-looking broad. Tough luck, her baking your dad in a pie. He felt a flash of irritation at Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail. Picking frigging blackberries! Those poor, sweet, dumb little bunnies, right?


kookie said...

OMG, Bybee. Mrs MacGregor was a good-looking broad? You are hilarious. Do more of these, please. *oh, my aching sides*

darkorpheus said...

This is too funny! More! More!

My favourite part:

"Vegetables made him think of death. You eat them, and death eats you."

maggie moran said...

Love it! And, like Orpheus, I want more! ;D

Chris said...

That was too funny.
'Picking frigging blackberries!'

More please.

MissMiller said...

Bybee, what kind of bookmites swallowed up your last post? Your new avatar is very funky. If you are not too sick of memes by now - I have tagged you for a fairly easy one.

Dewey said...

HA HA HA HA HA I'm glad I'm a fan of both so I could apprecite this!

kookie said...

Bybee, I left a duplicate of this comment in the comment section of my blog, but I wanted to make sure you read it.

I have a VHS tape that contains the Lost episodes "The Man From Tallahasee", "The Brig", "The Man Behind the Curtain" and the Season Finale that I would gladly mail to you if you promise to send it back to me when you are finished.

Let me know on my blog, k?

Anonymous said...

buahahahahah!Thanks for the Sunday morning laugh.