Monday, November 07, 2005

Korea Bug

I found KOREA BUG at Incheon airport yesterday & I wasted no time running up to the register and giving the cashier my money. For a book this thick and this entertaining-looking, it felt as if I was stealing!

So far, I've only read the article about bbondegi and part of the introduction, but I know that I will really enjoy KOREA BUG. I'm already a big fan; that's how talented J. Scott Burgeson is!

My co-workers and friends are going to be crying and begging to borrow this book from me. Of course, I'll have to loan it out, although I'll be nervously monitoring its whereabouts.

J. Scott Burgeson's witty, informative, and thoughtful writing makes me realize how much I miss the days before blogs, when zines ruled.

Whether or not you're an expat, this BUG's for you!


Anonymous said...
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homeschool curriculum said...
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heeseung said...

hi i am heeseung and i am also from korea my father is at korea while i am at singapore to study i am 8 going to 9

heeseung said...

hi i am a bit sad today my mommy and daddy both go KOREA WAT ABOUT ME today my father come then tommorow my mum come thoought i am worried i am a little stress out i want to call then my stupid phone cant call over seas so bad i CRIED why must i stay with my cousin so when is the flight please help me check then comment my blog thank you my korean friend