Sunday, January 01, 2023

2023 Reading Resolutions


Keep it simple. 

That's what I tell myself, but when I see a brand-new, unvarnished, pristine new year, something in me wants to get downright ornate with my resolutions. Read all the classics! Read your own shelves! Let your inner book snob take over! Don't read anything written before 1790! Don't read anything originally written in English!

I can never keep a whole list of resolutions, so maybe if I tell myself to read whimsically, I'll suddenly have a perverse need for structure.

Here are a few resolutions I'm pretty sure I can keep:

1. Read 62 books in 2023

2. Use the library.

3. Show the hometown bookstore lots of love.

4. Stay in the book group.

5. Continue posting to my beloved book blog, My Blob.

6. Oh, whimsically.

Regarding the above photo: This was the first draft of my 2023 resolutions. I thought I'd save it here, just to see...


martine said...

Love the idea of reading whimsically, I use the term eclectically but i think this is my new favourite. Enjoy reading in 2023

Care said...

LOVE it. Read whatever the hell you want. When you want to read it. or not.

james b chester said...

I just want to through a little push behind finishing Tess. Once it gets going, it's really hard to put down. I ended up reading most of it in a single day of intense page turning.

Bybee said...

I want to be disciplined, but whimsical is where I live.

There's always new and exciting books coming at us!

I'm at the part in which Tess just started work as a dairy maid. Dairymaid. Is that one word or two?