Monday, March 11, 2019

Happy 15th Birthday, Blob!

Oh Blob, my sweet bloggy-blog,

 You probably feel as if you aren't getting much love or attention lately. Even though you are an adolescent, I'm sure you still care.  I care as well. We'll get through this. After all, haven't we gotten through going on two decades together?

We've gone through major life events and upheavals. We've gone through a name change or two. (Well, you have.) We've gone through international travel and living abroad. We've gone through Readathons and book clubs and libraries and bookstores and reading in every conceivable location. (That bar was difficult. The shower still eludes me. The year of Zola on the subway makes me smile.)

As for the sheer amount of books themselves in all their guises, how many do you think we've read since March 11, 2004?  You don't know? I do, because I keep track. How does this number grab you?


Happy birthday, Blob. I hope we read 1,376 more.  A million more.


*Edited, because I was looking at the wrong year.


Beth said...

Wow! You and this blog have read a long way together.

Unruly Reader said...

Holy Toledo, Bybee dear! You've long impressed me with your voice, and now... longevity, too. Happy Blobiversary to you both!

Bookfool said...

That's a lot of blobbing. Happy blobbiversary!