Friday, January 13, 2017

F This, I'm Getting A Bookshelf

Last year, I decided to be noble and not take up so much space in the spare bedroom with my bookshelves. That space was needed for a twin bed or a futon for overnight guests.

Long story short, I moved the shelves out to the garage where they hold canned goods. The books are lined up along the tops of my dresser, desk and nightstand. The excess books are stored in plastic boxes under the bed.

The spare bedroom still has no twin bed or futon for visitors. Come to think of it, there have been no visitors.

Meanwhile, new books are coming into my life, or perhaps the old ones are breeding, and my bedroom is overrun. Books are stacked up, and while I love a book pile more than most, there's also that overwhelmed feeling.

My first thought was to go through the Bybeeary and cull out some titles, but I don't want to cull and I don't want to stash any more books away under the bed or out in the garage. I love my books and I want them on display. I long to see them on a shelf once more, standing up proudly and vertically with their spines neatly aligned.

Soon, very soon, the spare bedroom will house the Bybeeary again. I'll direct any overnight visitors to the living room couch.


Sam said...

Good move. Life is too short to spend it without being surrounded by books on shelves as much as possible while you can - where they belong and where the very sight of them has the power to make your day or cheer you up when you are down. Hell, yeah...

Sue F. said...

One can never have enough bookshelves! I always support more books and shelves for books!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

Unruly Reader said...

If I had any cheerleading moves, I'd be doing them right now. Long live the Bybeeary!