Tuesday, January 05, 2016

I Would Like

Resolutions seem to bring out the surly teenager in me, so this year, instead of strong Puritan words like "resolve", I will be a bit hippy-dippy and make a list of bookish things I'd like to do or accomplish this year.

 Oops, accomplish. Strike that. Gotta think of another word.

Can't think of one...brain hurts already.

No matter, just get on with it. Throw these...things? wishes? out the way you'd throw a clean sheet over the bed. The flat sheet, not the fitted one. But I digress. Get on with it!


The following list is airy and very much random and so should be read in that tone of voice:

I would like to read 85 books in 2016.

Actually, I would like to read 99 books in 2016.

I would like to read more audiobooks. I had a great time last summer when I went on that audiobook surge. Sunlight and walking and words in my ears. Yes, I would like that again.

I would like to read Villette by Charlotte Bronte.

I would like to read Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky by Patrick Hamilton.

I would like to read more graphic novels.

I would like to complete my Pulitzer Fiction collection. Only ten to go!

I would like to read three novels in my Pulitzer Fiction collection.

I would like to read the new Shirley Jackson biography when it's published.

I would like to finish reading all of Stewart O'Nan's novels.

I would like to have an even split of fiction/nonfiction.

I would like to read that biography of Alexander Hamilton, then listen to the musical. Or vice-versa.

I would like to stick to the TBR Dare until April. Read my own damn books.

I would like to start the day with reading.

I would like to end the day with reading.

I would like to have a certain time of day that is cordoned off from life and meant only for reading.

Edited to add:  I would like to read The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles. Done! Enjoyed.


Lark said...

I like the idea of starting and ending the day with reading. I would like that, too. :)

Unruly Reader said...

Your list is lyrical. And long! And I'm pretty sure you'll draw near to it. (See how I went hippy-dippy there?)

Happy New Year!

Care said...

Hello! I just tbr'd this: let's get it and read it together? https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25781157-the-nest?from_search=true&search_version=service

Bybee said...

Yes please!

bibliophiliac said...

I only read 73 books in 2015. Life is short and my TBR list is long!