Friday, January 01, 2016

I Resolved THAT? A Look Back at 2015 Bibliolutions

1. Read 100 books this year.  84

2. Book Blackout Bingo.  Oops. Sorry, Unruly Reader!

3. Log my location with Goodreads.  Oops, again.

4. Read something by Joseph Conrad.  Joe, Joe, Joe. No, no, no.

5. Join or start a book group when I get to the USA. Didn't work out, but I'm still dreaming on it.

6. Get the NaNoWriMo Project up and going.  Finally, a bibliolution I kept! On February 20, 2015, my first and hopefully not only novel, Even If the Sky Falls Down, went up on Kindle.

7. Work on the Pulitzer shelf -- both reading and procuring. Reading, not so much, but I procured like a boss this year thanks to a nifty bookstore in Tulsa called Fine Books!

8. Better blog. Blog better. Better blog better. Always an ongoing struggle, but after almost 12 years, I'm still here!

9. TBR Double Dare. I think I kept my hands to my shelf for a record-breaking two weeks.


Unruly Reader said...

Impressive work! Beyond all of the other resolutions, You Wrote A (VERY FINE) Novel!!!!

I continue to stand in awe.

Happy New Year!

Bookfool said...

The novel bit makes up for everything else, I agree.

As to Fine Books . . . I couldn't remember the name of the place you'd visited and thought it was somewhere else, so we went on an unproductive bookstore hunt. Next time I'm headed to Tulsa, I'll ask you for help before I go out driving around for nothing. So many Tulsa bookstores have disappeared in recent years that we couldn't even divert to one of our old favorites. They're all gone!!!

Happy New Year!

Bybee said...

Fine Books is next to Macy's in the Promenade Mall.

Bybee said...
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Care said...

Hi! I found someone who is working on a Pulitzer project and thot of you. Have you read Alice Adams? Here is her link:

Hope all is well. :)