Saturday, October 17, 2015


Maybe I'm having some sort of bookworm backlash against all the other minimalist books I read earlier this year, but I just finished Collected by Fritz Karch and Rebecca Robinson a big, beautiful coffee table book chock-full of gorgeous photos of all types of collections as well as different types of collectors (minimalist, maximalist, colorist, naturalist, pragmatist, etc.) and had the best time! 

Even now, hours after finishing the book, I still feel a little funny in the head. (Bug jewelry! Eyeglasses! Sculptures made from peach pits! Colored knitting needles! Giant-sized Campbell's soup cans!) The desire to collect anything and everything is blooming out of me like a flower. The Kondo Effect is holding this impulse in check, however. With one exception, I held myself down and went through the house taking pictures and tried to remember that this place is already groaning with collected treasures:

Books about Korea collection. The little bear is from the teddy bear museum on Jeju Island. I found the figurines at a local garage sale. I feel as if this collection is complete, but you never know. I still wish I'd bought that copy of Good Morning, Kimchi!

I found the beginnings of a matchbook collection that my father started. I'm not completely sure that he meant to collect; it may have been  more of a pragmatic thing since he was a smoker. What would have been his 80th birthday is coming up soon, so I've decided to carry on with this collection as a way to commemorate the occasion. If you have any matchbooks or small matchboxes laying around that you don't want, please send them my way!

My turtle collection. This used to be a lot bigger; I did some severe editing. Now I wish I had some of the pieces back again, like the perfume bottle shaped like a turtle from Avon.

I went through a minaturist phase when I was younger. This is what remains. I can't see myself getting back into miniatures. Well, yes I can, but only a tiny bit.

My Pulitzer Fiction collection. It's coming along nicely, and it can never be complete since a new book is added almost every year.

My mom is a maximalist when it comes to collecting. There's her Beanie Baby collection, her cookbook collection, her Hummel collection and her dishtowel collection. Here's her refrigerator magnet collection.

By all means, check out Collected. It's both beautiful and amusing. How many books can you say that about?


Care said...

Awesome. I am a collector, have collecting tendencies. My lobsters, lobster tea towels, lobster Christmas ornaments. I like matches to light candles so I won't be sending you any of the matches I might find - never can find when I need. Also, I do not have your addy. Why is that? I collect book blogger addresses!!

raidergirl3 said...

I can't see myself getting back into miniatures. Well, yes I can, but only a tiny bit.


I also love that you had a backlash against the minimalist books.

Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Collected looks awesome! You know what would be neat, is if they made puzzles out of all the illustrations. Wouldn't that be cool? Puzzles?

Bybee said...

Care, there is a lobster collection in the book!

Raidergirl, you caught my joke. Cause you're Canadian!

Jenny, yes puzzles. Very good idea. No puzzles in the book. Oversight, I guess.

Unruly Reader said...

Cool book idea, and it was fun seeing your collections (especially the Pulitzers. And the turtles. I have a weakness for turtles.)

I can imagine Marie Kondo twitching uncomfortably as she flipped the pages...

Bybee said...

Unruly, marie kondo would have to fold clothes for hours to calm herself!