Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Game of Thrones

Winter is coming.

I'm about twenty years late to the party but I started reading A Game of Thrones this week. I'm shocked, astonished, gobsmacked at how much I like it. Not my type of thing at all, but it's so readable! My hands don't even mind that it's a mass-market paperback copy.




jenclair said...

I loved the first one, which I read in the 90's. Then the frustration of waiting for the second one! I didn't like the second one as well, maybe because I had to wait so long for it.

Haven't watched any of the television series, but its popularity has been amazing.

A Library Girl said...

I was a little scared of reading Game of Thrones, since it had been a while since my last long epic fantasy, but I loved it too. It's too bad that the TV show didn't work for me the same way. Great production values, but I couldn't get past the second episode.