Thursday, January 01, 2015

Reading Resolutions: One of these years, I'll stick my landing.

Here's the sad, sad truth -- the dirty lowdown about the bookolutions I made for 2014.
Outcomes are in red.

2014 New Book Resolutions

1. Eyeballs to the wall:  Read 138 books in 2014.* 139

2. Powdered wigs and the like:  Read some 18th century books.  I read ONE.

3. Long arm:  Reach back before the 18th century and read some of that.  Didn't do it.  Short arm.

4. French connection:  Read more Zola and say bonjour to Balzac.  Non.

5. Do you hear what I hear?:  Get more into audiobooks.  I listened to 2 audiobooks.

6. Get it on, bang a gong:  Participate in both Readathons and the Readers of Kindle Books challenge on Goodreads.  I did both Readathons.

7. Keep your hands to your shelf:  TBR Challenge.  No books but mine till April 1.  I lasted until January 6th, when I read a book borrowed from my mom, but I tried to get back on task as often as I could.  Mixed results.

8. Hunting and gathering:  Resist the new book itch.  Yeah, right.  January 8th found me in a bookstore in the USA ordering Hyperbole and a Half.

9. Roam if you want to/ Roam around the world: More books by non-USA authors.  37 out of 139 authors were from other countries.  Not a very good example of armchair traveling.

10. Blog better:  Fewer lists, more thoughts, and more often, but don't get windy. I think I got listier and less thoughty.  Not to mention less bloggy.  Just the opposite.

11. I wish I could quit you:  Give Henry James another go.  Still trying to get the momentum to read Washington Square. Taking deep breaths, cracking knuckles...

*The Secret Resolution:  I believe that I can get to 150 books this year.  The conditions are favorable.  All signs point to yes.  TRY AGAIN LATER.

I was a little shocked when I went back and read my list.
 I resolved that?
Definitely a case of having too much to think that day. Or night.

Even in the face of such colossal failure, I can't give up making resolutions.
One of these years, I'll stick my landing.
Maybe 2015 will be the year...

Bybee's 2015 Reading Resolutions

1. Read 100 books this year.  I'm repatriating to the USA at the end of March after a decade in South Korea.  This event will either catapult me into the reading stratosphere or be the destruction of my identity as a reading athlete.  Best to have a modest goal and see how it all shakes out.

2. Book Bingo Blackout with Unruly Reader  This looks like fun!  The only one that worries me is the Magical Realism square.  Definitions for each category here, if this looks good to you.

3. Log my location with Goodreads.  Another challenge.  The Readers of Kindle Books group on Goodreads will be documenting where each book they read takes place.  This will dovetail nicely with Resolution #2, Book Bingo Blackout.  I hope that it will also prod me into reading more internationally.

4. Read something by Joseph Conrad.  Just writing that sentence made sweat pop out on my forehead and elsewhere.

5. Join a book group when I get to the USA OR Start a nonfiction book group when I get to the USA.  I like the idea of the second one; I've already selected titles for the first two meetings.  The Spawn fears that the nonfiction angle will bring out the literate lunatic fringe in the old hometown.

6. Get the NaNoWriMo project up and going.  I've done a rewrite, and I'm about to do a re-rewrite.  If this thing ever does see the light of day, can I count it as something I've read, or is that too meta?

7. Work on the Pulitzer shelf.  Both reading and procuring.

8. Blog better.  Better blog.  Better blog better.  Blogging about books is a fine thing, but I've been groping my way to the computer at vast intervals then letting my fingers flop all over the keyboard like dying fish.

9. The TBR Double Dog Dare - The goal is to read my own shelf for the first three months of 2015.  I need to read and release like nobody's business.

OK, I'm tired.  I want to stop resolving now.  Happy Book Year!


Sam said...

It wouldn't be a "new" year if we couldn't resolve to change some things and take some challenges, would it? I love reading the resolutions of others but, knowing myself as well as I do, I've never shared mine can guess why.

I'm going to look at that "Book Bingo Blackout" thing and the "Readers of Kindle Books" group on GoodReads. I've committed to try James's "Dare" but that seems unlikely to happen..."catch and release"...I like that. I brought 12 books to the office Wednesday morning and left them on a lunch table...7 were snapped up pretty quickly, but the others, all nonfiction titles, might be there for a while.

Here's to fresh starts for all of us...

Bybee said...

I also took some books into work and left them in the main office. They all got snapped up.

Vasilly said...

Nice resolutions! I'm hoping to read 100 books too in 2015. Happy New Year.

bibliophiliac said...

Read from my TBR shelf--yes! I've tried to give up buying books. It would make so much sense, given all the unread books I already own. Still working on that one. Happy New Year, and can't wait to hear about your "repatriation!"

Water Park in Delhi NCR said...

very informative post for me as I am always looking for new content that can help me and my knowledge grow better.

Susan said...

The Book Bingo Blackout looks like fun! I'm going to go look at it. Not that I'm joining many challenges this year, I found last year that getting to read what I want was deeply pleasurable. Still, I love Bingo! lol

I think the Double Dog Dare is perfect for you just before your big move. Catch and release - like Sam, I like that. Once you're back in the US, of course, it's all hands to getting those books you couldn't find while in South Korea! Are you excited or nervous about moving back? Both?

Enjoy reading in 2015, I'm curious to know what happens to you when you move back, too. And happy to have you on this continent :-)

Susan said...

PS I always think of you when I look at Pulitzer Prize winners now.

Bybee said...

Happy New Year! 100 books seems reasonable, doesn't it?

It's hard to turn away from the shiny and new.

I'm excited-nervous. Depending on the day, it tips more to one side than the other. Today, it's excited, but I also hate to leave Busan.

jilllora said...

Conrad?? **shudder** (I might still have PTSD from Heart of Darkness, which I read in high school.)

But good luck with everything else! :-D

Sue F. said...

oh, how you inspire me! I love your resolutions for the year. I am going to work on the TBR pile!

When and where are you
moving back to the US?

Bybee said...

Oh great! You've got post-TSD and I've got pre-TSD regarding Conrad! What a pair.

I'm moving to Missouri in the spring.

Unruly Reader said...

So glad you're doing Book Bingo Blackout. Looking forward to your completing it in 1/4 of the time it'll take me! (I say this with great fondness.)

I'd definitely count the NaNoWriMo re-read as a book you've read. Heck, I'd give double credit for writing + reading.