Thursday, November 06, 2014

Why Did I Ever?

Day 6:
Why did I ever NaNoWriMo?  An orangutan fingerpainting the kitchen baseboards with grape jam could accomplish so much more.  It's supposed to be write, write, write... and I'm all, edit, edit, edit, write, edit...

This peculiar sort of misery is even more interesting than the novel itself.

Here's my theme song:

On the bright side, turns out that nothing can stop me from reading.  My newest literary obsession is Patrick Hamilton.  I was so impressed with Hangover Square that I went right to The Slaves of Solitude.  I want to read Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky, but it's not out on Kindle.  What a great title.  In fact, with a title like that, who needs the accompanying book?


Care said...

I wouldn't be so upset about NaNoWriMo but it is interesting how obsessed it gets people both in the writing and the avoiding? BEst to you in however it turns out!!! and happy reading. HOping I can be good and get lots of HW done so I can reward with starting to read All the Light We Cannot See

Bybee said...

So tempted by All the Light We Cannot See.