Monday, October 13, 2014

Readathon My Mind

It's getting closer and closer...the Readathon is almost here!  Next weekend.  Awkward start time for those of us in Asia, but you know what?  After all these years, I'm starting to develop an affection for beginning at 9 pm on Saturday night.  When I move back to the USA next spring, it won't feel natural to pry open my concrete eyelids at what?  5 am?  On a Saturday?  That's some hardy stuff.  I'll have to get in touch with my inner pioneer.

Meanwhile, that will be then and this is now.  This time,  I'm going to change up how I do the Readathon.  This may hurt, but I've decided to provide myself with healthy snacks.  It's funny; just as I put this down, the longing for combination pizza pierced my soul.  There's a growling -- oh wait, that's my stomach.  Since this is something that doesn't come easily, I'm taking suggestions for healthy snacks.  Don't get too California with me, because it has to be a snack that is procurable, and there's only so much healthy that this poor body can take. Thanks in advance.

My other big change for the Readathon is that I'm not going to do a bit of it in pajamas.  Pajamas are sleepwear and sleepwear leads to sleep in most cases.  I have found myself nodding but not reading as early as 2 am (remember my awkward start time?) and it could be that I'm just a little too comfortable.

 Ditto for the pre-Readathon shower and shampoo.  Although clean hair makes it feel as if the words are getting into my brain so much more efficiently, there seems to be a relaxing side effect that comes back to haunt me when I wake up from an unexpected snooze with my nose in a book tent.

I had considered going in the opposite direction and dressing up as if I were going to work (even shoes, jewelry and makeup) but that seems too extreme.  Besides, if my beloved St. Louis Cardinals are still in the championship race, I'll need to wear my baseball shirt.

As always, what to read?  What are other people going to read?  I made a reading list for fall, but am feeling the urge to deviate from it.  Saturday morning will probably find me at the Busan English Library making a stack.  

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Melwyk said...

You are brave to do the Readathon starting at night! I've signed up for this one but I'm thinking I'm not going to make 24 hours...but I'll give it a shot :)