Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some Things to Squeee! About

I had a double attack of squeee! yesterday.  Since it was book-related, I'll share here:

1. The Kindle version of Meg Wolitzer's first novel, Sleepwalking (1983), will be available on Tuesday, March 25.  It's about three classmates at Swarthmore who are known as "the death girls" because they dress in black and always read and try to emulate their favorite dead female poets.  One of them is a Sylvia Plath fan, and one of them worships Anne Sexton.  The protagonist of Sleepwalking, Claire, is obsessed with a (fictional) poet named Lucy Asher, and she takes it pretty far.  The novel has a couple of weak points, but that doesn't diminish my love for it one iota.  I'm looking forward to reading it again, probably during the Readathon.

2. Therese Raquin (1867), the novel that turned me into a true Zola fan, is now a movie!  It's called In Secret (crap title, no?) and came out last fall in limited release.  Now it seems to be working its way overseas, and I've absolutely got to see it.  As I said in a post last year, this novel is like a cool mash-up of Edgar Allen Poe and James M. Cain.  The movie seems promising:  It's got the Olsen twins' younger sister Elizabeth as the title character, Draco Malfoy as her infantile cousin/husband, Llewyn Davis as her lover, and Jessica Lange playing her overbearing aunt/mother-in-law.  Lange as a casting choice is especially cool because she was Cora in the 1981 version of The Postman Always Rings Twice.

 I can't wait!


Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

That's the secret time I've seen In Secret mentioned this week! Now I am curious.

Eva said...

Sleepwalking sounds so good! Why doesn't my library have it?! *pouts*

The only Zola I've read was Ladies' Paradise, which made me dislike him, but perhaps I should give him another go.

Susan said...

Yaay for squeees! It's good to see you excited about these things, book-twin. I haven't heard about either, so I'm off to see what I can find out about them. Interesting casting choices too, for the film. I hope you get and love both!

Susan said...

PS I really want to see if I can find Sleepwalking. That sounds so good. Especially as I was a young Sylvia Plath fan too, though I never walked around in black or had a group of friends who liked her too.